How much will i spend?

There is an amazing assortment of products for purchase! The average UnBridal babe spends between $900-$1500 throughout their entire experience including session fee and products.


How long will it take?

It’ll take approx. 3-4 hours total. This includes hair, & makeup styles, outfit and location discussions.

How many outfits can i bring?

After receiving your personalized Pinterest board, narrow it down to 4-5 outfits or pieces. Always remember jewelry, shoes, stockings and any other ‘props’ you’d like to add! (handcuffs are always a fun add!)

when should i book?

I’m only taking on a limited amount of shoots per year, so try to schedule and secure your date asap so you don’t miss out! It’ll take approx. 2 months total from the shoot to getting your book and artwork so try to schedule it FAR in advance!

can i reschedule once i’ve booked?

Absolutely! You can reschedule your shoot up to a week prior to your appointment. The deposit is non-refundable so we can easily move the date at no extra cost. Please be flexible when rescheduling as wedding season is intense and I also specialize in wedding makeup artistry!

Should i tan?

I suggest for you to look as natural as you do all year round. When you fake tan, your skin has a tendency to look orange which will be a big contrast in photos. If you do decide to tan, please do so up to a week prior. WATCH FOR TAN LINES! You will be charged extra for removing tan lines and other extreme retouches.

I don’t want to see myself online!

You have the option of choosing yes on your contract. You do not have to agree to it if you prefer to keep your images private. I totally respect that. However, we can discuss your level of comfortability (no face, mostly covered). For anyone signing a release you’ll receive an additional photo in your album on me!

i am not a model!

You absolutely do not need to be a model to do this! I will guide you through every single movement and pose. It may not feel natural at the time but the results will blow you away! I’ll go through some tips and tricks when you arrive so while I’m directing you it’ll feel effortless.

do you give discounts?

I will be running specials on our INSTAGRAM page every so often so jump on them as soon as you can! But DO NOT wait for them to book. My time is very limited so these discounts will be rare. Future brides who book with our partner company Make Me Glam have an opportunity to sign up for special promotions, so inquire within!

Can I change my makeup or hair during the session?

Why yes you can! If you’d like a new look, it’ll be an additional $60 per change and will take approx. a 1/2 hour so plan accordingly.

do i have to get naked?

Absolutely not. I think that every body looks amazing in its natural form and is the sexiest, but we will discuss your comfort level throughout the process and you will always have the option. Suggestive is just as sexy without taking it all off!

Have more questions? Contact us today! I can’t wait to hear from you!