Hey girl!

I’m Tina, the owner/makeup artist/photographer here at UnBridal. I am 34, my company Make Me Glam was established 11 years ago specializing in makeup artistry, I live in a beautiful home in Marlton, NJ with an amazing man- who is an award winning photographer- I have a soulmate named Moo 😺and a best friend named Niko 🐶 (and lots of other things but that’s the gist).

Let’s get down and dirty as to WHY I’m excited to share this amazing experience with you.

TBH (and I can’t even believe I’m telling you this), when I was 17, I gave my boyfriend a calendar of me. Okay, so it wasn’t technically ‘boudoir’ but there were maybe 1-2 ‘sexyish’ pictures, although most were super innocent. And guys… this was back when we used throw away cameras and blindly waited for them to be developed at CVS. So I’ve always appreciated how powerful a picture taken specifically for your S.O. can be. So this road was kind of always paved.

I have struggled off and on through life with body insecurities, just like everyone else. You’re not alone. I’ve been photographed a million times both clothed, and in my birthday suit and I’ll tell ya... it doesn’t get easier. What I will say is that I honestly always feel the most empowered and the strongest after being put in my most vulnerable position- in-front of the camera. Sounds crazy right? Not because my insecurities vanished or because someone told me I was beautiful, but because I chose to TRUST the right person behind the camera. I made sure I surrounded myself with safe and positive people who I knew had my best interest at heart. These amazing people have set the bar for me as I’ve started this venture.

In my makeup career, I am the first ‘outsider’ you see the morning of your wedding day. Which can be intimidating sometimes for sure. Walking into a room of strangers and making them feel at ease and setting the pace for the day in a positive uplifting light is something I do every single weekend. Every girl who shares that intimate half hour with me as I cover up their insecurities trusts me & I always feel so honored they do so. Same goes for boudoir- I may be the first ‘outsider’ you’re allowing to see in your most vulnerable state. I want you to feel confident in choosing me knowing I’ll always have your best interest at the forefront. (Those who know me KNOW I won’t let them leave without feeling 110% even if I have to chase you down and make you try on 50 shades of lipstick haha) 

Now, after 10 years working with incredible boudoir photographers and living behind the scenes doing hair, makeup, posing, and wardrobe- I’ve decided to do it all!

So listen... I’ve been there, I think those things, I get it. 100%. It’s totally normal to be both nervous and excited at the same time! YOU SET THE PACE. I follow YOUR lead and specifically design photos showcasing your best qualities & allowing you to ‘disrobe’ as you feel comfortable. Can the idea of stripping down and getting photographed sound scary? Absolutely. Can this experience show you self love and acceptance when you’re in the right hands? Hell yes. Will your S.O. drool so hard when they see this confident badass you become in front of the camera? FUCK YEAH.

So... Let’s do the damn thing!