We’re bringing sexy back…

People like to put Boudoir into a box. We are here to break the mold. Boudoir isn’t only fully covered lingerie, flower crowns, or raunchy nudes. It isn’t only whimsical or moody. It should be tailored to each individuals personality and the relationship between you and your partner. We’re here to make sure they say, “OMG” and not just, “Oh thats pretty” (which sometimes will apply, but isn’t our main goal).


Chatting with you AND your partner is ideal in this process. We’d love the opportunity to talk with you both prior to your shoot so we can get some feedback on not only their favorite things about you, but yours as well! Your eyes, your hair, the way you laugh, favorite body part, etc. This way, during your session we have goals to achieve that we KNOW will excite them and make you feel empowered. And while we’re shooting, they’ll be waiting excited and anxious to see what we’ve done. This can also be helpful in your relationship- its not everyday we hear what our partners find sexy about us, RIGHT?! So this is HIGHLY recommended- your photos will still be a secret, but it’ll also get them more excited! Remember- this is OPTIONAL and not a must! What is a must is a chat with just you to go over everything- he’s the bonus!


You can choose the comfort of your home, my home (which is so fun to shoot in), or a hotel we recommend. You are responsible for the hotel accommodations, however, we provide a list of hotels we know will be perfect to shoot in.


After chatting and getting to know you, we’ll also provide a customized Pinterest board with ideas on outfits to bring! You can also text us pictures while you’re out if you need a second opinion! (We’re happy help!)